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A humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding in Myanmar and we need your support to help us tell Congress and the White House that enough is enough!  

Already persecuted and stripped of their citizenship by the Myanmar government, the Rohingya are now being ethnically cleansed from their ancestral land and villages. The Burmese military has systematically killed, raped, and driven out approximately half of the one million Rohingya who live in Myanmar into neighboring Bangladesh and the fate of the remaining 500,000 is in peril if the international community does not act soon. 

Emgage Action is partnering with other organizations in calling on Congress and the Trump Administration to reinstate sanctions against the Burmese military as a clear signal that business cannot continue as usual as long as civilians are being killed or persecuted.  Join the effort, contact Congress today!

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Emgage needs your support to help pass Anti-Hate Crimes Resolution, H. Res. 257, in the House of Representatives. The tragic events in Charlottesville, VA on August 12 and the Mosque bombing in Minnesota on August 5 are just two recent examples of the terrifying environment minorities are facing in our country.


Click below to contact your elected officials and demand that they pass H.Res. 257, a resolution that condemns hate crimes and any form of racism, religious or ethnic bias, incitement to violence, or animus targeting a minority in the United States.


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