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Emgage Action supports and advocates for just policies that strengthen our pluralistic democracy and protect human rights at home and abroad.


Through our presence on the Hill, Emgage Action is here to provide you updates in real time on the most crucial legislation that we’re tracking in Congress.

We are here to be your one-stop-shop to stay up-to-date on the multitude of legislative priorities that are most important to the Muslim American community.

"Through Emgage Action's advocacy efforts and close engagement with Congress members, we hope to center the legislative priorities of the diverse set of Muslim American communities. Too much is at stake for us to not do everything we can to preserve our pluralistic democracy, which is why we're committed to uplifting the voices of Millions of Muslim Americans and the issues they care most about."
Wa'el Alzayat
Emgage Action CEO
“To ensure the legislative priorities of the Muslim American community remain front and center, the policy team at Emgage Action is committed to maintaining close relationships with members of Congress from across the country.”
Iman awad
Emgage Action Deputy Director & Policy Director
"Highlighting the voices of communities subjugated to xenophobia or oppression motivates all of our advocacy work. With the global rise of far-right regimes and fringe groups, democratic procedures and religious freedoms have come under-fire. It is our job to ensure that we stand on the right side of history, which is why our work to keep law makers engaged on issues of human rights and equitable treatment for all, whether domestic or foreign, is needed now more than ever."
Hashim R. Syed
Emgage Action Policy Analyst
"With the future of our democracy uncertain, Emgage Action's efforts to advocate for legislation that will positively impact and empower the Muslim American community are more important than ever. Our working relationship with Congress and strong commitment to democratic values is meant to ensure the Muslim American community is heard."
Hanna Dasoo
Emgage Action Policy Analyst

Emgage is educating, engaging and empowering Muslim American communities. As we move forward in this critical work we need your support. Please donate now to help us build a better tomorrow.