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ABOUT emgage action

OUR MISSION: To support and advocate for just policies that strengthen our pluralistic democracy and protect human rights at home and abroad.

our priorities


As a Muslim American organization, we are guided by our faith to seek and uphold justice. "Truly God commands justice, virtue, and giving to kinsfolk, and He forbids indecency, wrong, and rebelliousness." (16:90)



In our Emgage Action 501(c)4 capacity, we are able to effectively lobby Congress on policies important to the community. We are able to hold individual elected officials accountable on the issues and are able to take clearly defined stances on legislation.


We connect our community to their elected officials to lobby policies important to us. We are able to hold individual elected officials accountable on the issues and are able to take clearly defined stances on legislation.


Our issue advocacy is our way of advancing policies to seek a more just and equitable society. We cannot want for ourselves what we do not wish for our brothers and sisters as well. Emgage Action also focuses on collaboration across the political gamut in order to best serve our advocacy work.

Why we do what we do?

Free will and self-determination are basic human rights that are under assault in a manner and scale not seen since World War II. Across the globe, ultra-nationalist parties and politicians have successfully directed the powers of the state to persecute ethnic and religious minorities. From India to Burma, to China, tens of millions of people are being denied their basic rights simply because they belong to a minority group.

Within U.S. borders, the rise of far-right extremism, White supremacy, and systemic inequities within the criminal justice system are threatening to devolve American society. We are arguably more divided now than any other time in modern American history.

Emgage Action is part of a family of institutions committed to the civic advocacy of our community at all levels. As an organization committed to the rights and dignity of all individuals, our focus on domestic and international crises in the scope of human rights, equitable treatment, and religious freedoms is vital to our work. To ensure that we as Americans stand on the right side of history, we are working to initiate Congressional and Administrative actions to protect the liberties of ALL people.

Other bodies of the organization include:

Emgage Foundation educates and mobilizes Muslim American voters in support of policies that enable our communities to thrive and democracy to flourish. Learn more at

Emgage PAC supports local, state, and federal candidates who share our vision of an inclusive and pluralistic America. Learn more at