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November 15, 2023

Emgage Action response to violence against pro-Palestine protestors

We are deeply disturbed by the violence against pro-Palestine protesters seen in Chicago and Minneapolis this weekend. In Chicago, shots were fired toward a protest, and in Minneapolis, a vehicle reportedly drove through a protest.

As a Muslim American civic engagement organization, we uphold peaceful protest as an important form of civic engagement – one that has been a historic hallmark of liberation movements. We support peoples’ right to exercise this constitutionally protected right without fear of discrimination, harassment, and violence.

This violence is a troubling manifestation of anti-Palestinian, anti-Muslim, and anti-Arab sentiment. One-sided, bigoted, and Islamophobic statements from elected officials, media outlets, and public figures have fostered an environment conducive to this type of harm. We need elected officials to stand up for the rights and protections of all communities right now.