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August 17, 2023

Emgage Action Statement on Former President Trump’s Indictments

Former President Trump represents a very real threat to the democratic foundation of the United States, and Emgage Action supports legal actions that are underway to begin to hold him accountable for the damage he has caused.

To date, Trump has been indicted four times on criminal charges related to hush money, mishandling of classified documents, and election interference; he currently has 91 criminal charges against him across four jurisdictions. His attacks on our constitutional right to vote are particularly egregious. While these indictments are a promising development, this is just the start of ensuring that he is prosecuted for his anti-democratic actions.

Ensuring accountability remains vital; the results of these cases will have a significant impact on American democracy and especially the upcoming 2024 election. In other words, these cases, and particularly the indictment in Georgia, can potentially set a precedent of the legality of future attempts to change election results.

While in office, Trump actively threatened and harassed members of vulnerable communities, including our own Muslim American community, to the point of instituting the discriminatory Muslim Ban, which he has promised to reinstate should he win the 2024 presidential election. This contributed to a historic rise in anti-Muslim bigotry and violent hate crimes.

Emgage Action is committed to working tirelessly with partners at all levels to ensure that Muslim Americans vote and make their voices heard. In 2024, Emgage Action and partners will mobilize voters across the country with data-driven field organizing, media campaigns, and voter events. To learn more about our work or to become a partner, please contact

Together, we can make our democracy stronger.