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November 3, 2023

Emgage releases survey findings about Muslim Americans’ current 2024 election predictions

WASHINGTON, DC – Emgage, the nation’s preeminent Muslim American civic engagement organization, released findings from a survey asking Muslim Americans about their 2020 voting decisions as compared to their current 2024 voting predictions.

Emgage conducted a survey of the Muslim American community as the crisis in Gaza continues. With over 2,200 responses, the survey found that only 5.2% of Muslim Americans currently say they would vote for President Biden in 2024; this is down from the 80% who did vote for Biden in 2020. This survey confirms the widely-held view that Muslim Americans are deeply disappointed in President Biden due to his refusal to support a ceasefire, and that this lack of action may impact the community’s 2024 voting decisions.

“This data directly captures the disappointment and frustration that the Muslim American community is feeling towards President Biden,” said Mohamed Gula, Emgage Organizing Director. “In 2020, over one million Muslims turned out to vote and helped Biden win the election. Since the crisis in Gaza began to unfold, our community has been demanding that the president call for an immediate ceasefire – only to be met with silence. This community, which was so instrumental in getting Biden elected, now feels abandoned and dehumanized by him, and this survey puts that sentiment into cold, hard numbers.”

Emgage conducted the survey with a randomized sample of registered Muslim voters using the voter file. The voter file is collected from the Secretary of State of each respective state. The states that Emgage micro-targeted in its survey include Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Texas, and North Carolina.

To date, over 9,000 Palestinians, including over 3,700 children, have been killed in Gaza. Emgage, alongside many other prominent Palestinian, Arab, Muslim, and human rights organizations, has been pressing the Administration and other elected officials and government bodies to call for an immediate ceasefire and for humanitarian aid to be sent into Gaza. Emgage has also called for a long-term solution to the root cause of the crisis: the Israeli occupation of Palestinians.