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February 4, 2019



February 2, 2019

Emgage Action Calls for the Resignation of Governor Ralph Northam

Fairfax, VA-Yesterday, the Washington Post published a page from Governor Ralph Northam’s yearbook in which two individuals are seen in a racially offensive photograph. As an organization committed to social justice and equality, we find the photo deeply disturbing and unacceptable. Emgage Action believes Governor Ralph Northam has disqualified himself from representing the Commonwealth and for this reason, we are calling for the immediate resignation of  Governor Ralph Northam.

Our leaders must be held to a higher standard of conduct.  As such, it is vital to expose the willful ignorance that has shaped such a sensitive time in American history and brings to light our present struggles. With the most recent display of racially fueled hatred in Charlottesville, Virginia deserves a Governor who recognizes the history of the state and the profound impact his past actions have had.  If we excuse such displays of racism and hatred, it suggests that politicians are less responsible for the decisions they make.

“The images released today are indefensible and have eroded confidence in Governor Northam’s ability to represent and lead the people of the Commonwealth,” said Mohamed Gula, Executive Director Emgage Action-VA. “At a time when our country is facing hatred and bigotry, it is imperative that we hold our leaders to a higher standard, regardless of party affiliation.”

Though Governor Northam has been an ally to the Muslim community, his past actions are incongruent with what we would expect of a public servant and seriously calls into question his ability to lead the Commonwealth of Virginia.


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