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August 29, 2018


[PRESS RELEASE] Emgage PAC Florida Primary Election Wins


August 29, 2018

Emgage PAC Florida Primary Election Wins

Yesterday was a great day for Emgage PAC endorsed candidates. We are excited to  congratulate Mayor Andrew Gillum, our endorsed candidate for Governor, who just won the Democratic Primary as well as all the other Emgage PAC endorsees! We had great turnout in this election and we look forward to an even better outcome this  November. Below is a list of all the Emgage PAC winners throughout the state, 45 candidates in total.

Emgage PAC is a bipartisan national political action committee that supports local, state, and federal candidates who share our vision of an inclusive and tolerant America. Emgage PAC has endorsed and financially supported candidates across the country who have a track record of upholding civil rights, welcoming diversity, and protecting religious freedom. We produce a number of voter-education products, including candidate profiles and endorsement cards, which are distributed in local communities to help voters learn more about the candidates and their positions on key issues.

Andrew Gillum – Governor, Democratic Primary
Sean Shaw – Attorney General, Democratic Primary

Stephanie Murphy – US House: District 7, Democratic Primary
Darren Soto – US House: District 9, Democratic Primary
Chris Hunter – US House: District 12, Democratic Primary
Alcee Hastings – US House: District 20, Democratic Primary

Ted Deutch – US House: District 22, Democratic Primary
Frederica wilson – US House: District 24, Democratic Primary
Debbie Mucarsel-Powell – US House: District 26, Democratic Primary

State Senate:
Kathy Lewis – State Senate: District 20, Democratic Primary
Gary Farmer – State Senate: District 34, Democratic Primary

State House:

Susan Valdes – State House: District 62, Democratic Primary
Cindy Polo – State House: District 98, Democratic Primary
Javier Estevez – State House: District 105, Democratic Primary (waiting to be called)
Dotie Joseph – State House: District 108, Democratic Primary
Jeffrey Solomon – State House: District 115, Democratic Primary

Palm Beach:
Greg Weiss – Palm Beach County Commission: District 2
Scott Singer – Boca Raton Mayor

Scott Kerner – 15th Judicial Circuit: Group 13

Quentin “Beam” Furr – County Commission: District 6
Donna Korn – School Board: At-Large Seat 8
Corey Amanda Cawthon – County Court Judge: Group 9
Robert F. “Bob” Diaz – County Court Judge: Group 10
Michael Davis – County Court Judge: Group 17
Jackie Powell – County Court Judge: Group 19
Stefanie Camille Moon – 17th Judicial Circuit: Group 38
Dan Casey – 17th Judicial Circuit: Group 43

Daniella Levine Cava – County Commission: District 8
Javier Souto – County Commission: District 10
David Miller – 11th Judicial Circuit: Group 8
Renee Gordon – 11th Judicial circuit: Group 14
Yery Marrero – 11th Judicial Circuit: Group 25
Kristy Nunez – County Court Judge: Group 2
Michael Barket – County Court Judge: Group 40
Milena Abreu – County Court Judge: Group 43

Marillea Smith – County Commission: District 5
Greg Green – County Court Judge: Group 2
Jared Smith – County Court Judge: Group 5
William Henry Person – School Board: District 1
Stacy Hahn – School Board: District 2
Henry “Shake” Washington – School Board: District 6

Jerry L. Demings – County mayor
Victoria Siplin – County Commission: District 6
Teresa Jacobs – School Board Chair
Adam McGinnis – County Court Judge: Group 11


Emgage Action is the leading American Muslim civic and political engagement organization. Emgage PAC is a bipartisan, nationally based political action committee that supports state and federal candidates, primarily in battleground states, based on their support for civil rights, minority rights and a diverse America where underrepresented communities are seen as a part of the social fabric of our nation. For more information visit

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