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Voting Rights & Protections

The 2020 general elections defined an incredibly historic year for our nation. With over 159.8 million ballots cast, the 2020 elections saw the highest voter turnout ever recorded in American history. As an organization committed to empowering Muslim American, Black, and Brown voters, we must work together to pursue legislation on both the state and federal levels to protect voters and combat any attempt to curb access to our fundamental right to vote. 

Emgage Action is advocating for legislation aimed at:

  • Promoting access to the ballot box for vulnerable, often ignored, and economically less privileged communities.
  • Fighting nationwide attempts at voter suppression.
  • Combatting gerrymandering efforts at the state-level.

In the face of a global pandemic, we saw increased access to resources for voters, such as mail-in voting, accessible and safe sites, and expanded early voting. These efforts demonstrated what is possible when we ensure our communities are protected from any form of intimidation. Our vote is our voice and we are committed to protecting the integrity of elections and our access to voting.